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Our Full Restoration, Maintenance & Painting Services


Interior & Exterior Maintenance Services

Our list of commercial estate services provide for full all round estate and apartment refurbishment. Our consultation and estimation processes takes every factor into account allowing us to maximise our service level agreement. Our maintenance processes are generally undertaken holistically but can be carried out individually based on choice.

Wall Painting | South Africa

Building Restorations, Waterproofing & Painting!

We carry out complete restoration on building substrate walls, boundary walls, window panes and ballustrades. Our processes include:

  • Crack repair and polyfill refill
  • Cement post plastering
  • Waterproofing and damp seal
  • Coat & re-coat painting
  • Rust removal and cleaning
  • All our repairmen ensure maximum and complete restoration as well as full coat applications on all wall and applicable substrates.

    Roof Painting | South Africa

    Roof Restorations, Waterproofing & Painting!

    Our major component of our services include complete tile roof restoration and painting. Our processes include:

  • Cement post plastering
  • Roof Tile Replacements
  • Waterproofing and damp seal
  • Coat & re-coat roof painting
  • Barge & Fascia fitment, replacements and coatings
  • All our repairmen ensure maximum and complete restoration as well as full coat applications on all roof substrates.

    Estate Maintenance & Repairs | South Africa

    General Exterior Repair & Maintenance!

    Part of our integrated maintenance solutions includes all round estate care. Some of our general maintenance processes include:

  • Light & Light Fitting Replacements/ Repair
  • Awning Installations
  • Cable Tubing
  • Re-coating
  • Barge & fascia board replacements
  • Signage Replacements
  • Installation, painting and restoration of mounted washing lines
  • Full restoration of fences and gates.
  • All our repairmen are equipped with the latest safety equipment to prevent injury on duty, fire outbreak, and any further potential damage to property. For a list of safety equipment and practices feel free to contact us.

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